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About Me

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Becky Willoughby and I am a Hypnotherapist specialising in Emotional and Physical Pain Elimination. I have 24 years experience in working with Energy and helping people. I am also a Internationally recognised Psychic Medium, Healer and Medical Intuitive, having appeared in many global newspapers and articles. I am the author of Switch on Your Psychic, which is available to buy from Amazon, Waterstones or through myself.

Based in Devon I run a successful hypnotherapy business and Training Academy. Before qualifying as a Hypnotherapist I qualified to work in the pharmaceutical business, I am also qualified in Massage, Indian Head, Reflexology and Aromatherapy.

I absolutely love my job with a passion training others and passing on my knowledge, and also seeing clients on a 1-1 basis. I use all my skills/resources I have gathered through life and trained in, this comes in very useful in the therapy room with a client. Skype sessions available or 1-1.

Hypnotherapy & Wellbeing

Do you suffer with Panic attacks, Fibromyalgia or Eating disorders? If you do and would like help to overcome these difficulties then I can work with you to guide you to your goal. My name is Becky Willoughby and I am a certified hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner. I can also assist if you wish to stop smoking, boost your self esteem, manage your anger or recover from OCD.

I can also help you with:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Emotional clearing
  • Pain elimination
  • Weight loss
  • Stop smoking
  • Phobia release
  • Reiki healing
  • Mesmerism
  • Past lives
  • Aura and chackra
  • Quantom biofeedback
    … and more!

Psychic Mediumship for People & Pets

Skilled and verified in finding lost animals, I have been featured by Fox News, Huffington Post, Coast to Coast, Female First, Metro News, the New York Post and Psychic Link Magazine when her psychic skunk story was reported worldwide! I discovered a lost pet skunk using nothing more than intuitive energy which I did remotely and from a distance. It’s a story well worth waiting for!

Most of what you’ll need is instruction and encouragement from someone who’s ‘been there and done that’ alongside a simple way to develop your own natural psychic ability.

I can help with:

  • Finding lost pets
  • Animal communication & healing
  • Spiritual psychic mediumship
  • Readings
  • Soul coaching and cleansing

Switch On Your Psychic

Some spiritual people are more attuned to their natural psychic ability than others, but anyone can develop or improve their psychic skills.

If you want to tune in to your own spiritual Intuition and want to find out how to amplify it to Build Better Relationships, Gain Peace of Mind and Increase Your Emotional Resilience.

This brand new book by Extrasensory Perception expert, Becky Willoughby, whose reputation for finding lost animals is talked about on continents throughout the world, reveals how every spiritual person can develop their Inner perceptions and amplify their Intuition. I also reveal why you can’t tap into your sixth sense!

This is a unique opportunity to have this PROVEN Clairvoyant and medical intuitive, take you by the hand and explain how to Switch On Your Psychic.

Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who has “been there and done that!”

Get this book now and get started right away.

My book teaches you:

  • Trusting yourself
  • Protecting your space and self
  • Looking at psychic energy
  • Focus your brain
  • Only 5 senses
  • Tuning in
  • Ask questions
  • Expand and experience
    …and much, MUCH more!

My Treatment Room

What my clients have to say

“This lady is truly amazing, I finally feel like a huge weight has been lifted and no more pain”


“Becky has sorted forty years of pain in three weeks a true angel thank you can’t praise you enough” x


“This woman is incredible. She is friendly, calming, understanding and able to help anyone who walks through the door. I already feel brand new, and ready to change my entire life around, after just one session with her. Highly recommend, for anyone everywhere.”


“Just wanted to write on here and say how wonderful Becky is!!! When I came to see you you opened my eyes to so much. Your professional and unbelievably talented but your warmth and ability to make someone at ease at their lowest is just the icing on the cake. Thank you for all the hours you put into helping me. I’d highly recommend this beautiful lady. Thank you Becky” xxx


“Becky quite simply changed my life” x


“I cannot thank Becky enough, I have lived for years with a phobia about spiders. This is a phobia hundreds and thousands of people suffer with. I could not open window in my house or even look at them on the TV. I heard of Becky’s hypnosis treatment and thought that it was about time I done something about my fear. To say I was totally amazed by the results is an understatement. Since having hypnosis I have played with a spider and often now deal with them when I come across them. I do not run away and I don’t scream or panic anymore. I’m still not a big fan of them and don’t think I every will be, but Becky has taught me how to deal with a spider. Thank you Becky for your amazing talents.” x


“Becky helped me overcome fear of public speaking via one Skype session. Her technique works! She’s also helped me understand what was going on with my horse. She is such a caring and compassionate soul and I appreciate her so much!”

Michelle from USA

“Wow, Becky is fantastic a couple of yrs ago I was suffering from depression, so i went to see Becky for help. She is a lovely lady with a very calming voice. Her therapy room makes you feel all relaxed and comforting. Becky helped me a lot and I felt myself again after just a session. I went back to Becky for her help to stop smoking. I was amazed I didn’t crave for a cigarette and when I looked at one it made me feel very sick. I would definitely recommend friends and family to see Becky as she’s one fantastic lady who can help anyone” x


“Thanks to Becky I have booked a short trip by plane – something I haven’t been able to do because of anxiety. Am so delighted.”


“I just had a reading from Becky via Skype. I live in New Zealand. Becky was absolutely spot on with everything she said. Becky helped me by naming things which were happening and by offering ways and paths out of my personal situation. She was able to name what is happening with my dog and to give valuable advice and insights into the nature of my dog’s connection to me, why she is still here aged 15, and what she needs from me at this time. I was very moved by Becky’s accuracy and insight. She named and articulated what I couldn’t name and she was able to put her finger on negative things that are happening in my life and offer me support to move out of them. Having her perspective and her support has given me strength and courage to move ahead. I will be taking action on her suggestions. I recommend Becky wholeheartedly”

Juliet from NZ


Contact Me

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Call me on: +44 7727 149939